Our Craft

Plant health starts in the earth, which is why we use an all-natural living soil organic (LSO) cultivation method, with zero chemicals or pesticides.

Growing the finest cannabis requires a degree of skill that can’t be bought or acquired overnight. It’s a strategic science that takes constant learning, vision, innovation, talent and time. And at Kootenay’s Finest Craft Cannabis, it is the craft we have been perfecting for generations.

Why our craft yields the finest cannabis.

Genetically Superior

Our Master Grower Sal Couling has pheno-hunted stellar strains and cross-bred them to perfect original and exclusive cultivars found nowhere else on earth. Our signature genetics program has a library of over 200 cultivars which are not just about achieving high THC, but providing the best possible experience for everyone – be they recreational or medicinal users.

LSO Grown

Living Soil Organically grown. Sal has used this method of growing for 27 years and knows his shit… literally! With each harvest, our soil is lovingly improved with all-natural organic amendments. Know that you only want to be buying LSO Grown.


Small Batch

Small batch means high quality control and fastidious attention to detail. Our facility crafts and delivers the finest cannabis in the world, that’s all.

Hand Tended

Under Sal’s guidance, our skilled production team is dedicated to producing the best BC Bud, carefully hand tending each individual plant. Once harvested, they are hung to dry slowly, cold curing over 14 days to enhance the flavours, aromas and terpenes. While hand trimming, our experienced crew inspects every bud to ensure the quality meets our standards. No automated machine can provide this level of care or attention to detail.


LED Lights

Our specifically-designed full-spectrum LED lighting not only assists in better growing conditions for our plants, it also uses way less energy to reduce our carbon footprint… a win-win!

Zero Chemicals

That’s it. NO chemicals… ever! It’s cannabis, as it should be.


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